Secure, web-based and with no software to download

As a specialist charity payroll business we aim to provide leading edge payroll services and are constantly looking to embrace the possibilities that new technologies can offer. The internet offers a fantastic opportunity to streamline and enhance the outsourced payroll experience.

ePaysafe offers two exciting online innovations for our charity payroll clients:

  1. A secure online payroll portal called ePaysafe
  2. ePayslips for your employees

ePaysafe Payroll Portal

One of the major concerns charities have about outsourcing their payroll is the security of the data transfer, whether it is via email or post. Dataplan for Charities’ solution to this is the development of a bespoke and innovative online system that allows its clients secure access and management of their payrolls.

Intuitively user friendly

Dataplan first looked at developing a bespoke system because they wanted something that was easy to use and intuitive. An off-the-shelf package did not fit with what clients required from the system. With minimal training, ePaysafe becomes an integral part of the payroll function.

Streamlining the process

Even if you have multiple payrolls, ePaysafe makes the submission and approval of your payrolls quick and efficient. Secure multi-level access allows people to enter data, such as hours worked, in a format that cuts down on processing time and increases accuracy.

Secure and seamless

Unlike traditional processing systems, ePaysafe gives a seamless approval process. As the administrator, you can log onto ePaysafe at any time and view the progress and status of your payroll. You have a full secure audit trail of each stage of the process plus a full payroll archive at your fingertips.

Multi-site functionality

ePaysafe has been designed to work for both single and multi-site clients. Data is entered in a standard format, to avoid inaccuracies and variation and then security hierarchies allow payrolls to be approved only by those people with the right security status.

Bespoke management information

The data that is collected for your payroll can produce insightful and useful management information. Whether it is on absence levels, exceptions reports or the tracking of overtime.

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