Discover how ePayslips can help your organisation

Increasingly, paper payslips are being replaced by digital or electronic payslips. With smart phone technology giving powerful internet access into the hands of the majority 24/7, it makes sense for pay information to be delivered digitally.

For in-house payroll or HR teams, ePayslips are fast, cost effective (no more printing and postage costs) and remove the staff queries and requests for copy payslips/ P60s etc.

Datalan’s ePayslips are the next generation of electronic payslips. Rather than just simply put an electronic copy of the payslip online we’ve brought together a raft of innovative features which we know your employees will love.

These include;

  • Full access to their payslips 24/7
  • Access to P11Ds, P60s and P45s
  • Notification of new payslips by email, text or push notification
  • Option for secure communication between employee/employer
  • Company intranet functionality for employee related documents
  • Useful information on payslips and tax codes minimising those awkward calls from employees
  • Smartphone apps (apple and Android)
  • Ability for employees to update details such as bank details, address information and more

Many charities have remote workers and find that ePayslips is a highly efficient way of getting their employee’s payslips to them in a timely and secure manner.

ePayslips can be part of our managed payroll service or they can be a stand-alone service even if we do not process your payroll.

Custom Branding

In order to help employee engagement with ePayslips, we also provide the ability for ePayslips to be custom-branded for your organisation, so as far as the employee is concerned this is part of your organisation’s systems.

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