Our approach to customer care is holistic and runs through all areas of our business

The outsourcing business model is often one that focusses on process rather than personal service. This is not the way we want to work, so have built our service from the bottom-up, around the needs of our clients. As a payroll provider, you expect us to be able to deliver compliant, accurate payrolls, that’s a given, but what else is important to you?

Our client care programme covers all areas of our service delivery and includes –

A dedicated set up team

Our on-boarding team are responsible for setting up new client payrolls, whether that is from an in-house team or moving from another provider. They will work closely with you, supporting you step-by-step to ensure a smooth transfer.

Liaising with your current provider

If you are already oustsourcing, we can liaise directly with your current provider on your behalf, which can take away lot of the hassle from you, especially if payroll is not your area of expertise!

Named processing contacts

Once the payroll is set up and running smoothly it will be handed over to your ongoing payroll processing team. You will be given named contacts and also a team that provides cover and support. Your contact will take time to get to know your payroll and your organisations and will act as an extension to your in-house team.

Customer Service Reviews

Our Customer Services team are independent from our processing teams and they will be in regular contact to find out how everything is going.

Client Updates

We will keep you updated on the latest news and changes from Dataplan and the wider sector. Although we handle compliance for you, it is still important that you are aware of changes that may impact on your organisation, such as workplace pension contributions or national minimum wage rates.

Our customer care is backed up by our 5-point Customer Charter

Our 5-point Customer Charter demonstrates just how committed we are to finding a truly extraordinary level of customer care.

  1. Deadline guarantee - We guarantee that we will meet all of your pay dates when you provide information in the agreed timescales.
  2. Compliance guarantee- We will guarantee that your monthly and end of year returns are filed on time.
  3. Confidentiality guarantee - We invest in information security to ensure that you have peace of mind that all of your employee’s personal data is safe and secure.
  4. No surprises guarantee - Our pricing structure is simple with few occasions where additional charges are made. We guarantee to agree with you in advance before incurring any additional fees.
  5. Price guarantee - Our contracts are fixed annually. There are no further increases.

If you would like to find out more about what we do, please contact us and we can arrange a call

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