Discover how we can support your Workplace Pension obligations

As part of our managed payroll service we will:

  • Assess workforce for eligibility each period
  • Auto enrol employees when required
  • Process opt in and opt outs each period
  • Handle cessation of contributions

Auto enrolment is a constantly changing requirement as employees start and leave, become eligible and opt in and out. To help you keep on top of this, we also provide reports each period including;

  • Employee status report
  • Schedule of contributions

In regards to the pension contributions, we can either upload a file each period to your pension provider in a format agreed with them, or we can provide you with the same data for you to upload directly.

Employee Auto Enrolment Communications

We can take away the hassle of managing your employee auto enrolment communications.

Our solution provides custom branded templates so your employees receive communications with your organisation’s branding. If you use our ePayslips service, employees will receive communications delivered electronically via our secure portal.

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