Call 03331 123456 for more details
Call 03331 123456 for more details
Call 03331 123456 for more details
Call 03331 123456 for more details
Call 03331 123456 for more details

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Payroll services for charities


Why choose Dataplan for Charities?

Business process outsourcing is increasingly on the rise for charities and not for profit organisations. Below we've listed 40+ quick reasons why Dataplan for Charities should be on your shortlist for outsourcing your charity payroll.

  1. Flexible deadlines - we won't leave you short if you need to flex deadlines
  2. Dedicated contacts - you are not just a number to us, expect personal service
  3. Low cost - based in Lincolnshire we have a low cost base
  4. Simple systems - using what you have already to minimise change or devise improved systems
  5. Customer charter - we offer 7 separate guarantees to give you reassurance
  6. No hidden extras - no low rates then sting you with extras
  7. Project management - from start to finish our managers aim to exceed expectation
  8. Customer care program - if you are not happy we aren't either 99.5% retention rate
  9. High staff turnover - we don't charge for starters or leavers, all part of the service
  10. Bank staff / zero hours contracts - we can accommodate and only charge when used
  11. Commission based staff - we can process commission only staff for you
  12. Non UK employees - no problem, we can handle payments to non UK nationals
  13. Salary sacrifice - common in charities we can process these for you
  14. Payroll giving / GAYE - have a complex scheme, no problem we can handle it
  15. Multiple site - we can manage that for you
  16. Remote worker management - diverse employees, we can improve communications
  17. Expense management - volunteer expenses managed too
  18. Bespoke management reporting - if we have it we can report to you on it, your way
  19. Project costings - allocate payroll costs across departments / projects
  20. Nominal ledger reporting - we can let you have csv files or journals to import
  21. Exception reporting - simplify but increase the effectiveness of your review processes
  22. Employee self-service - build a secure custom employee portal
  23. ePayslips - if you need them we have them
  24. Secure communications with employees - do you know who you are speaking to? We do!
  25. Technology - you don't need to invest we do it for you
  26. Remove training costs - you don't need them
  27. Remove software costs - why bother updating annually or for RTI or auto enrolment?
  28. Remove costs of providing cover - holiday and sickness are no longer a problem
  29. Remove IT support and backup costs - you just don't need them any more
  30. Security and confidentiality - 256bit encryption and secure data transfer throughout
  31. Instant access 24/7 - access to all of your payroll information anytime, anywhere
  32. Management reporting - if we have it we can report on it - fully custom reports
  33. Leverage technology - use our technology and reporting to improve your KPIs
  34. Lower risk profile - rely on our experience and expertise for greater peace of mind
  35. Reduce errors - with Dataplan payroll errors will be minimised
  36. Segregation of duties - reduce risk by spreading the payroll processing
  37. Complex approval processes - we can accommodate whatever approval process you need
  38. Statutory compliance - reduce your risk of non-compliance with our expertise
  39. Full audit trail - need a full audit trail of processing and approval
  40. Compliance protection solutions - additional service to protect against HMRC enquiry costs
  41. Disaster recovery & business continuity - automatically built in so you don't have to worry

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