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Payroll services for charities


Payroll solutions and payroll outsourcing

If you are looking for dependable payroll services in the UK then look no further than Dataplan for Charities. We specialise in providing managed payroll services for charities, not for profit, social enterprises and voluntary organisations in and around the UK.

Payroll bureau services offer first class management

If you have had to deal with a payroll system within your organisation in the past you will be well aware that it can be a time consuming procedure and that much of your valuable working day can be eaten up with the time you spend on it. Why not consider using payroll processing services where we guarantee that your time working on payroll will be greatly reduced enabling you to spend time on other tasks within your organisation?

Efficient and simple payroll outsourcing services

There are many payroll services in the UK but we are one of the few who specialise in Charity and Not for Profit Payroll services around. Our payroll bureau services are renowned for reliability and consistently meeting only the highest standards of work, which is why our charity clients recommend our payroll services in the UK to others and why we have grown such a successful reputation.

Quality charity payroll processing services

You may think that payroll outsourcing services are needless within your organisation. That they are an unnecessary additional cost. However, if you can save your company time and money then managed payroll services are exactly what you should be looking at in terms of the effective and value for money management of your charity or organisation. Our quality payroll services provide you with a system that is second to none and will make you wonder why you didn't use payroll processing services previously.

Accurate payroll outsourcing services

Payroll is a highly sensitive area and in all cases, needs to be accurate, on time and reliable.

Using payroll outsourcing services may seem like trusting a stranger at first but we can assure you that we provide professional and dependable payroll services for large and small charities over the UK. Our promise is that using our managed payroll services will save your organisation time and therefore money, and during tough economic times this is something you will want to benefit from more than ever.

Bespoke payroll bureau services

All our payroll processing services work to the same concept, however we know that no two organisations are the same and therefore we offer payroll outsourcing services to suit your charity or organisation and its workforce. Our payroll processing services are guaranteed to make your work life easier.

Project manager overlooks your payroll outsourcing services

Once you have decided to use our payroll processing services we will then appoint a project manager who will oversee your account and make sure that the managed payroll services you require are exactly what you receive.

Award winning payroll services in the UK

If you have shopped around you will know that there are plenty of payroll bureau services out there but as we are one of leadingcharity payroll services in the UK and have won awards for our systems, innovation and levels of customer service, so you can be rest assured that you are dealing with the best payroll processing services available.

Flexible payroll services in the UK

Payroll bureau services need to be flexible to fit around the different needs of each organisation. All charities are different with varying staff numbers or the nature of their organisation is unique; this requires us to work around you and that's why we offer flexible yet comprehensive services.

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