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Call 03331 123456 for more details
Call 03331 123456 for more details
Call 03331 123456 for more details
Call 03331 123456 for more details

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Payroll services for charities


Payroll Investigation Protection Plan (PIPP)

Uniquely placed within the UK Dataplan for Charities can now offer you tax investigation protection services to further minimise the risk to your charity. Your charity may be targeted by HMRC due to information they have, sector targeting or purely at random and can open a PAYE enquiry into your organisation.

Those of you that have been through an enquiry will know what a time consuming, lengthy and costly process this could be, even if there is nothing to find as a result.

This is exactly what our service is aimed to protect you from, by helping with pre-emptive, preventative measures and up front reviews while providing the resource and technical know-how to handle an enquiry and minimise penalties if you do have one.

Our Payroll Investigaton Protection Plan includes -

  • On signup, a desktop review of the current hot topics for HMRC review and with confirmation that you are getting the basics right too!
  • If HMRC do open up an enquiry into your PAYE then we will carry out a full day visit with you to identify anything that HMRC may be looking for.
  • We will also then provide your with our experts to hand hold you through any investigation and your responses to HMRC at no cost.

What we don't do is pay any tax, interest or penalties for you.

The service is based around payroll numbers and frequency. If you'd like to receive a quote please call 03331 123456 or check Payroll Investigation Protection in our quote form

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