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Payroll services for charities


Questions to ask before choosing a provider

Before you decide on an outsourced payroll provider for your charity payroll, there are a number of questions you should be asking them.

What is their track record in the charity and not for profit sector?

What recent experience have they had of charity payrolls? How many charities do they deal with currently?

Do they understand the complexities of charity payroll?

The issues surrounding charity payrolls are specific and demand understanding and processes in place to handle them. Challenges such as high levels of temporary contract workers, high staff turnover, non UK workers and people working on commission based fundraising, the provider needs to understand and be able to handle these areas.

Do they understand the specific needs of your organisation?

For many payroll service providers, it is all about volume. To achieve this goal, they treat all their clients in the same way, as a commodity. The fact is that the needs of each organisation are different and your provider should take a more consultative approach including the setting up of bespoke management reporting to give you the information you need.

What advanced reporting do they offer?

What value added reporting can they provide to help you run your organisation? Can they provide information on absence tracking for example, or reports by department?

Are they financially stable?

With an area as sensitive as your payroll ensuring that you are leaving it in the hands of a business that has the financial security and stability to be around in the future is essential.

How transparent is their pricing?

Unfortunately, the payroll industry is plagued by headline grabbing 'per payslip' figures and many payroll providers are guilty of hidden costs, even when those 'extras' are the essentials such as year-end filing, starters and leavers and BACS payments.

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