Small Charities – Time To Innovate!

Written by  Friday, 07 July 2017

Like all competitive sectors, innovation and technology are no longer just a nod to the nearby future. They are already a key component to efficiency, effectiveness and profit margins.

The charity sector is no different. Particularly to smaller organisations, the importance of innovative and cost effective procedure has never been greater. With the continuous dismantling of many local government services, we are seeing an unprecedented emergence in small charities to cover the shortfall. Many of these organisations have expertise in specialist areas yet lack the funding or resources to thrive in an increasingly business orientated sector.

The charity or ‘third ‘sector is one of the larger employers of young graduates whom can often champion and promote greater innovation in the workplace. With this in mind, the ability to offer a dynamic payroll platform is paramount. Below are some elements to consider which could modernise your payrolls employee engagement while also easing time and cost:

  • Paperless payslip solutions - ePayslips –The number of young workers in the charity sector is increasing. Now could be a good time to offer a solution that eases print costs, enhances data security and offers flexibility to your workforce. Our online epayslip solution gives workers access to all of their current and historical payroll data via smartphone applications. More can be found at
  • Transparent Benefit Schemes – Clearly identify, communicate and manage benefits such as Gym membership and Cycle to work schemes. Give your employees the ability to opt in and out of with the touch of a button through their smartphone app.
  • Calculating allowances and expenses – The travelling between branches and areas can be a time consuming administrative function to monitor. Offering an online portal solution can save time and expense for both the claimant and employer.
  • Track working patterns effectively – The sector employs numerous part time workers who often divide their time between differing workplaces. Can you ensure this is adequately tracked and logged?
  • Tiered approval of payroll information – While a manager can sign off on the charity payroll for the month, a Finance Director may need to perform further checks before approval and payments are made.

Software to maintain this can be inflexible and physical paper trails can challenge confidentiality. Can you offer a solution that tiers approval and access rights across your entire charity providing custom user rights dependent on authority? Our online ePaysafe solution has the option for what we call duel approval built in as standard along with full visibility of who pressed the button via the audit trails.

  • Fully managed auto-enrolment solutions – Auto Enrolment if mismanaged can become a costly and admin-heavy payroll challenge. The requirement to communicate with employees across various branches and periodical reporting can dominate a small personnel’s team’s workload. Having a function that works within a central payroll and HR portal can automate and streamline many of the processes enabling employees portal access to their contributions and their opt-in/out options.

While these are just a few ideas of how to modernise some of your processes, centralising to day to day management can also enhance the relationship between HR and Finance departments. It can accelerate report generation in areas such as costings and year to date figures and ultimately provide a structured and efficient service to your employees.

Software providing these services is available though it can be costly and require extensive training and hidden fees while not necessarily offering the flexibility that a charity payroll can require. Payroll Outsourcing can often provide a broader choice of services and tailor packages to suit your current and future needs. When sourcing a payroll provider however, it may be worth keeping in mind some of the ideas above.

Can your potential provider offer all of these custom services in one central package, we know that we can with our Charity payroll solutions.

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