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Payroll services for charities


Common questions

When considering outsourcing your charity payroll there are always a number of questions that you will naturally need to consider. The following common question areas contain information to help you make the right choice for outsourcing your business' payroll.

Branch and Multisite payroll

What if your organisation is more complex with branch payroll and multisite payroll.

No problem.

  • The issues you face will probably be
  • larger workforces split across multiple sites
  • complex payroll reporting (or lack of)
  • difficulties in obtaining information across the divisions
  • dependence of branch / line managers for accuracy of payroll
  • head office approval of payroll needed

You will already have various systems in place for capturing your payroll data. We can work with these systems and fully bespoke management reporting information to give you the details you need when you need them.

Handling branch payroll and multi site payroll well is an important part of the service we provide for our clients

With our ePaysafe system you can even have your line / branch managers enter payroll information directly with the facility for you to carry out exception reports and detailed reviews before you send the data to us for processing.

We have a number of multi site / multi branch clients and are used to working with them to help overcome the complex information and data capture needs of a branch payroll.

BACS and payroll payment systems

Many, many organisations now use electronic payments of some form or another to pay their employees and suppliers. At Dataplan we are a fully accredited BACS bureau using the latest BACSTEL IP systems.

The benefits of using BACS is that it is a fully automated system. You simply approve your payroll and we do the rest for you. No rekeying of information into your electronic payments system and no having to remember to send a file to the bank.

Via our BACS system we can pay your net pay, PAYE & NI, attachment of earnings, pensions, health schemes, union deductions. In fact, we can BACS just about anything. All you have to do is approve your payroll and we take care of the rest.

Flexibility for your payroll

Most businesses will already have a number of systems in place to deal with employee matters. So how outsourcing payroll impact on this?

At Dataplan we have and will always continue to provide a very flexible service. That means working with your organisation, its existing systems and timescales. We do not impose our needs over yours. That applies to using the forms you already have in place and working to the timescales that you need and not the ones that most suit us.

Of course if you want us to help review and refine what you already we are more than happy to do so.

When it comes to providing you the information that you need we offer great flexibility there too. We will design the reports you need and not force ours upon you.

Payroll and HR

One definition of Human Resources (HR) is that it "helps companies to recruit, train, develop and manage employees."

Payroll, on the other hand, is a subset of HR in that it is "the technical processes related to the activity of your employees, calculating taxation, deductions etc"

Dataplan deal only in payroll. It relates to the fact that we specialise in payroll matters "because payroll is everything we do".

If you have any HR issues and don't currently have HR support we can point you in the direction of one of our HR partners.

Payroll confidentiality

Payroll is an extremely sensitive area. Payroll confidentiality is something we take seriously.

All of our people are closely vetted before we employ them. Our people are also required to complete regular fit and proper and confidentiality processes ensuring that confidentiality

Our systems are checked, double checked and regularly tested to ensure that our security is up to date and appropriate for dealing with sensitive payroll data.

We are of course subject to the Data Protection Act and we are subject to external testing as part of the BACS accreditation process.

Payroll integration

All organisations have systems for dealing with payroll and payroll integration is a key requirement for many. These could range from accounts software to HR and time and attendance packages.

When looking to outsource payroll, integration with existing systems is often an important factor.

Integration works in one of two 2 ways.

  1. Payroll integration - on the way in

    The flexible way in which we operate means that we can adapt to your existing systems. If you can get the information out of your existing systems then we can work with it. We take advantage of our own Microsoft Certified company to develop sophisticated conversion and filter programs to adapt any information you send us so that we can import the details into our payroll software ready for processing.

  2. Payroll integration - on the way out

    Our payroll system lets us extract complex information into csv files for reading and manipulating. Whether you are looking to automate journal entries to import into your accounts system or HR systems

Flexibility and technology are the key here. You tell us what your payroll integration needs are and we'll work with you to achieve it.

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