White-Label for Accountants

Written by  Friday, 05 December 2014

What is White-Label and is it Practical?

Many of the customers using our services don’t want our logos all over the products their clients’ access, particularly those in professional sectors such as Accountancy. They would rather their clientele not know they outsource their services as it is bad for business, this is where white-label comes in.

epayslips app white labelWhite-label is essentially a re-branding of our services to make it appear as though the client has provided a service themselves and not outsourced it to anyone else. For example, here we have a client of ours using our ePayslips facility which allows all of their employees to view their payslips online. We have redesigned this with the client’s trademark so that when the employee logs into their account they cannot see any of Dataplan’s insignia, therefore giving it the appearance that their online payslip has come directly from their employer.

That’s fine, I hear you say, for larger companies with lots of employees which make it worthwhile to rebrand a service, but is it practical for the smaller companies with only a few staff?

At Dataplan we see our clients as individuals, not categorizing them by their size. For us white-label in itself is a service and a facility that is open to all of our clients, regardless of the number of employees. We understand that all companies strive for professionalism, not just for their clients’ benefit but internally as well and if that means having uniform branding on all correspondence with their employees we are happy to help.

For more information on ePayslips or our White-Label service please click here or call us on 0333 11 23456.

Carly Boyd

Carly started her career with Dataplan back in 2013 as a temporary admin assistant. Coming from a background in Graphic Design, she fell in love with payroll and worked her way up to Project Manager just 2 years later. Carly is currently involved in the massive undertaking that is setting up Auto Enrolment pensions, and continues to show her commitment to payroll by studying for her Payroll Management degree.

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