Payroll Investigations - how to protect your Charity

Written by  Friday, 16 November 2012

Are you concerned about the ever increasing burden of complying with changing tax regimes and the potential cost of simply making an error. Or have you been on the receiving end of an HMRC enquiry and have had to pay the cost of professional support, even if nothing untoward has been discovered.

This is a common complaint of many of the businesses and organisations we come across and with the prospect of a random selection everyone is potentially at risk. What you may not know is that HMRC have invested over £900m redeploying 2,500 officers into compliance this year with the intention of raising £7bn of additional tax.

But every business can’t afford to have in house expertise to ensure that everything is correct and in proper order. Relying on your accountant is typically what happens. Accountants typically have significant experience on business tax matters they may not be as experienced or knowledgeable on PAYE / NI / Benefits matters. And you will end up paying accountants rates for any up front work or healthcheck on your PAYE system.

The other option may be relying on fee protection cover from the likes of the Federation of Small Business. We have often found these types of cover are full of exclusions and restrict the support to a panel of advisers that you can use if you run into difficulty. This is a little like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted and will only help rectify any problems you may find yourself in.

The solution that we offer at Dataplan is a mixture of the best elements of both of the above. As a payroll outsourcing service company Dataplan have always been at the forefront of developing innovative ways to solve problems and provide enhanced payroll services. Having noted the above issue we are delighted to launch what we believe to be a UK first for a payroll outsourcing business.

Using our existing payroll expertise and the knowledge of our former Inspector of Taxes, Paul Chappell, we can undertake a full review of your payroll and related records, once you are notified of an impending visit. This has the advantage of not only preparing you for the visit but also highlighting any areas of weakness that HMRC can exploit. By being in the position to notify HMRC of potential problems, you can significantly reduce penalties HMRC will charge.

We will also be on hand to ensure that HMRC only review records they are entitled to. We will deal with any ongoing questions from HMRC ensuring you are able to concentrate on doing what you do best, running your business.

How you deal with HMRC and the answers to the questions they raise dictate how the enquiry will progress. HMRC deliberately structure questions in a way to achieve the answer they want. This may not immediately raise alarm bells for you but can and do put employers in positions whereby tax quickly becomes an issue. Our experience can head off any such concerns.

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