Geoff Findon Louth and District charity bike ride

Written by  Friday, 01 July 2016

Last Sunday a friend and I entered the Louth and District Hospice Charity Bike Ride, a 15, 30 or 50 mile Sportive for a good cause. I haven't taken training seriously at all and left it to the day to whether I feel up to the 30 or 50 mile ride.

On the morning of the ride, I chose the 50 mile ride.

This was quite an achievement for me; I'm typically a weekend warrior riding 20 miles a week on a road bike or MTB, so I stepped up.

We actually went off route and had to double back a few times, adding an extra few miles onto our tally, my GPS App reports we did 55.3 miles in total. Averaged around 14 miles per hour (until it got very hilly) with a top speed of 38mph. Apparently burning off a massive 2000 calories in the process. That's about 8 Mars Bars.

The start flag was at the Meridan Leisure Centre and for the majority the route heading towards the coast upto Saltfleet and Somercoates and then looping round the hills surrounding Louth.

The first 35 miles went swimmingly as we paced ourselves with little mini breaks every 15 miles or so. But as we hit the 35 mile mark the fatigue truly set in and every pedal stroke was like cycling through Treacle, really hard work, and I had aches and pains in all the usual contact points.

There was a particular nasty uphill into Grainsby which felt like it would have been quicker to walk, and on the opposite end of the scale a memorable downhill section that had us both clenching at our handlebars coming out of Wold Newton.

The weather was quite constant, a strange overcast smoggy day with intermittent showers, but thankfully quite refreshing.
Once we where over the finish line the we where presented with a medal, explained it's quite a small event for Bike Week, and that our sponsor money has probably doubled the amount they can give to the charity, so it was well worth us taking part.

I want to thank all the sponsors from the Dataplan staff, friends and family, it was a very last minute decision to undertake the ride and so we didn't have much time to get organised but between us we still raised £160 for the charity.

I enjoyed the ride, maybe next time I will commit further in advance to more distance. I must admit I got a tremendous sense of achievement after completing the ride followed by an overwhelming urge to sleep.

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