April, the best time to move payroll provider?

Written by  Friday, 09 January 2015

Traditionally April was the time of the year to change payroll provider as it was the beginning of the tax year. This helped ease the process as all year to dates would be zero and leavers would have been removed from the payroll.

Although this does make sense, technology has advanced recently and a potential payroll provider should have no issues with you wanting to switch any time of the year. In fact there may be times away from April that will work better for your organisation. The following points are worth considering when looking at a potential move date

Holiday year – Are you going to be using the new providers HR systems and will it be easier to switch at the new holiday year?
Internal workload – Consider what your workloads peak, is it wise to switch when key members of the project are focussed on other issues?
Notice period with current provider – If you are tied down to long termination periods with your current provider, consider when this period will finish. If you have to give 6 months' notice is it viable to leave early just for an April start?
How desperate are you to move? If you service is that bad, maybe you want to leave immediately and not deal with the service any longer?
What is your in-house processors notice period – If you are moving away from in-house processing, do you want that employee to be in the organisation through the first couple of months of the transfer to help with organisation specific questions?
How many parallel runs are needed? – You may start your contract with your provider in April but the first live payroll may 2 or 3 months later.

There are many considerations when moving provider or away from In-house, any prospect provider should be more than happy to talk these through with you and plan the timeline of implementation that would best suit your business needs and concludes with a successful transfer.

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Stewart Waddell

Stewart started his career with Dataplan back in 1997 when there were 4 staff members. Stewart has worked his way through to bureau manager back in 2005 and Operation Director in 2013. Since that date Stewart has overseen significant expansion at Dataplan,  he remains committed to payroll innovation and delivering excellence in customer service.

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