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Zero Hour Contracts - what has changed

Stewart Waddell Written by
Friday, 05 December 2014

You may have read a Blog written earlier this year from my esteemed colleague Sam Woods outlining the pros and cons of zero hour contracts and some of the laws surrounding them, but what has changed since then?


When choosing a new payroll provider, clients naturally have a few common questions they would like answering and these questions appear to be the same for our charity customers as any other.

Here is a list of the top 10 to help your transition go a little smoother.

We are often asked why should you outsource your payroll. There are lots of theoretical arguments about whether activities are core to you and whether you are good at them.

But, what are the practical issues where a charity could benefit from payroll outsourcing. Here are 10 potential benefits

RTI costs believed to be excessive

Richard Rowell Written by
Friday, 01 February 2013

A recent series of payroll outsourcing meetings with potential customers across the charity sector have highlighted an unfortunate trend.

Many charities are faced with a significant increase in payroll outsourcing costs because of one off charges for RTI compliance coupled with increases in ongoing outsourcing costs for management of the scheme.

Launching on 6 April the penalty regime for late and inaccurate returns have been published by HMRC.

HMRC have confirmed that they will give most employers 12 months to get to the new real time reporting regime before they implement the new penalties.

Maintaining Excellence in Payroll Quality

Richard Rowell Written by
Wednesday, 12 December 2012

At Dataplan we take the quality of the payroll service we deliver seriously. Indeed, our mission statement takes this to heart

“To excel in the delivery of payroll services through continual investment and improvement of our people, products and processes; meeting and exceeding customer expectation and enhancing the delivery of our professional, friendly, flexible and innovative services.”

Are you concerned about the ever increasing burden of complying with changing tax regimes and the potential cost of simply making an error. Or have you been on the receiving end of an HMRC enquiry and have had to pay the cost of professional support, even if nothing untoward has been discovered.

This is a common complaint of many of the businesses and organisations we come across and with the prospect of a random selection everyone is potentially at risk. What you may not know is that HMRC have invested over £900m redeploying 2,500 officers into compliance this year with the intention of raising £7bn of additional tax.

You may have heard of Alabaster and if you haven't you should have. Alabaster fundamentally impacted on the calculation of maternity pay. Worryingly we have seen a recent spate of new customers who havent applied this ruling to their SMP calculations.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) agreed with the case of Mrs Alabaster and made the ruling that "any pay rise awarded between the beginning of the period covered by the reference pay and the end of the maternity leave must be included in the elements of pay taken into account in calculating the amount of such pay. This requirement is not limited to cases where the pay rise is backdated to the period covered by the reference pay".

2 November saw the launch of a new multi-channel epayslip and traditional payslip delivery solution from Dataplan Payroll.

The new service, under the brand myepayslips, allows any business, whether they outsource their payroll or not, to access the benefits of reduced distribution costs for traditional payslip delivery with the added advantages of an epayslip delivery system.

Alongside the epayslip service is an outsourced payslip printing and distribution service allowing a mix and match or multi-channel payslip delivery.This is ideal for those businesses who can't switch everyone to epayslips or wanting to phase in an epayslip project over a period of time.

With workplace pensions and Auto Enrolment already upon us charities are now turning their attention to the practical side of administering the pension.

Even for those charities with a small number of employees with no expectation that there will be much of their workforce who actually stay in the workplace pension the paperwork, administration and red tape remains.

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